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Where to get lung cancer vaccin cimavax egf

Who produces Cimavax-EGF – who distributes Cimavax-EGF:
The Focal top of Molecular Immunology (CIM) is the focal top develops and produces this drug CimaVax EGF and other biotech products and CIMAB is the commercial office of CIM. These entities do not provide care to patients, both to evaluate the susceptibility of use of the vaccine or any other medication must be recommended by an attending doctor or a health institution.

How to buy the vaccine CimaVax EGF.
Cimab has no mechanism for direct sales to Cuban patients and foreign patients. Cuban patients receive the vaccine free of payment through the hospital pharmacy network of the Agency of Public Health, who buy the drug for all Cuban patients.
Foreign nationals should contact the International Health Medical Services in Cuba who will evaluate each case whether it is susceptible to behavior with the vaccine and will receive it within a comprehensive program of care for patients with commercial value. You may contact them at these addresses:

-Cuban Medical Services.
Web page:;
Phone: (537) 833 3065, 833 3095 Fax: (537) 833 3055

- Surgical Hospital “Hermanos Ameijeiras”
Address: San Lazaro # 701, Centro Habana. Havana, Cuba. CP 10300. Phone (537) 876 1000
E Mail:

- International Health Focal top La Prairie:
Address: Calle 230 between 15A and 17, Siboney, Havana, Cuba,
Phone: (537) 273 7476 to 80.
E-mail: and

For EGF behavior CimaVax out of Cuba:
You must comply with mandatory international regulatory terms, such as health registration approval by the regulatory agency in your country of residence and commercial agreement for sale between a national and CIMAB.

Peru is the only country outside of Cuba where the vaccine has a health record so far, the Feature Pharma companionship in Lima who has commercial rights to sell CimaVax EGF.
You may contact her at this email address:
Cost of Cimavax-EGF vaccine behavior



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